SOL#25 Christmas Day

It was Christmas Eve and we had a lote of presents i was the one with most of the presents everyone had a present but I had no presents. It’s Christmas Day I told well SANTA that I wanted a iPad like at school and a skateboard but no it was Christmas Day I woke up early run down and oh ya and my brother ask for a a Xbox I saw the Christmas 🎄 and i did not want a Xbox I was up set but after a few months I was getting to know it a little better and I love it 🥰. That’s all of my blog post hope you like it byeee………………OOOOOOOOOF

SOL#21 the time I broke my arm.

It was mexico time and I went there alone. My uncle cat  Byed. my tikis to go in Mexico I was ixidid I went because my grandma came from Mexico to visit us. So I went and then i were looking for my ant so we did we got home it was bad. Well the good thing is that I found all my friends I had 17 friends one was mean I didn’t hit him so gently. He cryed. He told my grandma and my grandma was going to hit so I was walking back back BACK and I forgot if you walk more to that edge you would fall so I kept walking back I fell back. I but back my hand but bad idea I fell on my hand and broke it it was panful I woke up in a  hospital. I saw my ant and everyone they told me that wen I broke me arm my uncle called me ant to come quick my ant heard 😅😅. The funny thing was wen I was playing soccer with all my friends a lot of friends I fell back wen I tried to get back up my friend help me so me arm got better and that’s all of my blog. So ummm ya byeee…..OOOOOOF

SOL#20 V-bucks

don’t you feel like you want V-bucks but you mom doesn’t let you. like imagine you 20 dollars and the 1000 V-bucks only cast 10 you can buy two of the V-bucks but your mom says no you have to earn it.

WHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA. And you work sooooooo hard for that money well that’s what happened to me.ALL AROUND ME ARE FIMMILER FACES WORN OUT PLACES WORN OUT FACES.

SOL# 11 season 8

ok i woke up in 7:02 and season 8 was right in front of my face I was so excited 😆 so I played and played and so I did all the I loved the new ilends and the volcano 🌋 was the well that’s it I hope you like it and leave a comment down below what do you think 🤔 is season 7 cool 😎 or was it season 8 tell me in the comments. And I liked season 7 a lot. So umm ya byeee OOOOOF.